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The Always Mischievous Alpha Mu Chapter. I wish I had more pictures because this isn’t even half of my chapter, but needless to say, a sisterhood of quality women. Shout out to #OldSchool ♥ #CorazonesUnidosSiempre #JustBeCUS #Chapter #AlphaMuPhotoChallenge

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Immeasurable love I hold for them♥ The most loving and encouraging intake team to guide us to the light of CUS and the ultimate NERDS that I hold near and dear to my heart, standing by each others side every step of the way. #AlphaMuPhotoChallenge #JustBeCUS #myfallblessings #DayDos

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*cues All of the Lights* The night we let USF know what #CUS is all about. “With PRIDE in our veins and STRENGTH in our hearts, CUS was our destiny right from the start.” It truly is the best sisterhood in eXistence. #AlphaMuPhotoChallenge #NuLine #FA13 #Probate

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Alpha Mu Photo Challenge ♥ Informational this Monday, January 27th in MSC 3707 at 8PM #JustBeCUS

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